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ABOUT our services

Powerful Visual is Good for Your Business.

Our unique strength is producing stunning images and videos. We are not only saves valuable time and money for our clients but also creates powerful visual content for across multiple media and delivery platforms. The powerful visual content will help your brand and company to attract more people and win the competition in digital era. We capture the excitement of life in our visual content. Hence it is not surprising that many of our images are vibrant and colorful.

With my team, we oversees the entire process with an eye for quality and details - from planning the photo shoot to getting the perfect photo. All of our services are tailored for you to ensure that your brand and company is cast in the perfect light.

Our Services Make Your Life Easier.

We offer production and coordination of photo shoots, video, and digital content for corporate, brands, agencies, magazines, and advertising.

Corporate and Industrial Photography & videography

company profile, annual report, sustainability report, factory and mill, plantation, oil and gas exploration, mining site, port and shipping, corporate social responsibility, non government organization. 

Portrait Photography & videography

board of director photo shoot, team profile, headshot, celebrities, talent, family portrait.

Aerial Photography & videography

with Drone and Helicopter

plantations, offshore rig, tanker shipping, infrastructure, port, industrial park, residential real estate, hotel, resort, office building, property development, visual progress project update, travel, and event.

Event and Conferences Photography & videography

international conferences, corporate event, executives visiting, product launches, fashion show, concert.

Interior and Product Photography & videography

hotel and resort, real estate, architecture project, office building, food and restaurant, products, fashion, catalog for social media and e-commerce, automotive.

Editorial Photography & videography

magazines, custom publications, websites, travel photography assignment, documentary assignment, feature assignment. 

Visual Content for Digital 

social media campaign for instagram, facebook, youtube, and website.


About Yunaidi Joepoet and Team.

Yunaidi Joepoet is a Photographer, Photo Editor, and Visual Strategist based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He start his career as professional photographer for magazine and creative industry. At 22 y.o he joined as staff-photographer for National Geographic Indonesia & National Geographic Traveler Indonesia then decided to move to creative industry after work for 4 years. He has built a solid reputation for delivering dynamic and creative photography for use in editorial, advertising, corporate branding, marketing communications, corporate social responsibility campaign, non government organization, e-Commerce, and websites - social media since 2012. He build Pitibaraka Visi Elaborasi, a creative production house and event organizer company.

Yunaidi Joepoet work with producer, art director, designer, dop, make up artist, hair stylist, fashion stylist, food stylist, digital imaging artist, video editor, talent agencies, and production team.

Please don't hesitate to contact him if you need guidance regarding any aspect of photography and videography production logistics or require an estimate for a specific project. 

Yunaidi Joepoet's Pitibaraka Studio location at South Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. Please find at this link.

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